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Falcon Pallet Management specializes in the reverse distribution of shipping assets. Our retrieval programs are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We also offer standard sized pallet recycling programs, serving a variety of industries.

Featured services include web-based asset tracking, customer-level recovery, inspection, repair to your specifications, maintenance, and return to your designated facilities.

Falcon Pallet Management Pallet Management manages your returnable packaging from the time you ship your product to the time you receive your returnable assets back, ready for re-use. We are able to retrieve pallets, totes, tubs, crates, and racks for you at your customer locations in less than truck load (LTL) quantities. We consolidate and, if necessary, repair these items and return them to you in full truckload quantities for re-use at a fraction of the cost of new platforms.

Benefits of Asset Recovery:

Seven important benefits of an effective recovery program include:
  • Lowering Operating Costs
  • Accelerating Cycle Time
  • Solving Disposal Issues
  • Meeting Customer Requirements for Pickup
  • Ensuring a Reliable Supply of Quality Shipping Platforms
  • Allowing the Company to Focus on its Core Competencies
  • Convenience with our proactive total management approach.

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